Looking good, Gooner!

We’re working on creating some brilliant Atlanta Gooners swag to bring you this year. We’re starting with the two most requested items: Shirts and Scarves.

All proceeds from events and sales beyond our administrative costs will always be donated to local groups and charities like Soccer in the Streets and The Atlanta United Foundation. Rock your Gooner pride to support the Arsenal, Atlanta soccer culture, and local youth sport programmes!


How long will it take to get my items?
We currently have all items IN STOCK so when you place your order, we’ll be able to either ship it to you priority mail,(please add the Shipping Option item to your cart!), or we can bring it to Brewhouse for free. Now the main season is over, we’ll have far fewer pickup days so if you want to do a local pickup, please make a note when you purchase so we can get in touch and find the best time we can meet, give you your goodies, and hopefully have a pint and discuss transfer rumours.

How will I get my item?
We recommend coming to Brewhouse for match day! This way we can give you your goodies in person and save everyone shipping costs.  If you’re not able to join us for match day, there’s a shipping add-on in the store that will cover our costs to send you your membership kit.

Please send any questions or if you hit any snags whilst ordering to contact@atlantagooners.com. We’re happy to help!