“What Do You Think Of Tottenham?”

There’s nothing so glorious for a supporter as a good chant. Whether at home, hearing the roar of fans in the stands, or down the pub with other supporters, voices joined together in support, it gets under the skin and fires the blood. It is a long and proud tradition in English Football.

In English football, chants are rituals. Everything from the display of club support to the choreographed method of clapping and arm waving – to the harmonious or melodious tunes used and words employed, is a part of a clear ritual of support and cultural identity. Chants have a dramatic social process of occurring and re-occurring, constantly emphasizing the passion and seriousness with which one follows his favourite club or player.

-A Brief History of Football Chants, Goalden Times

Here are some of The Arsenal’s most popular and famous chants, player chants, and opponent chants, along with some classic English Football chants. Not always polite, sometimes a bit blue, but always a part of the game. Be sure to add your voice when you meet us for match day at Brewhouse!